Activity 2: Design Activism – Using APA 6th Edition Referencing

Food Connect Imagine
Food Connect. (n.d.) Food Connect poster [image]. Retrieved 24/07/15 from

Food Connect (Inkahoots, n.d.) is a community shared agricultural model, that fosters real relationships between farmers and those who eat their food. Food Connect’s (Inkahoots, n.d.) poster embraces the negativity placed upon local produce due to profit driven food supply systems in supermarket companies. This negativity corresponds with Thorpe’s (2011) criterion four “Excluded and Neglected Groups” (Thorpe, 2011, p.12). From the poster we can identify how the produce is being marginalised, If we look beyond the poster it is evident that the farmers of this produce are the one’s being excluded from society due to their “dirty, rough, imperfect, unruly” (Inkahoots n.d.) yield.

Thorpe’s (2011) criterion three “Claim for Change” (Thorpe, 2011, p.11) is shown in Food Connect’s (Inkahoots, n.d.) project by advocating the need to support local farmers and their produce, via prints upon vehicles, pamphlets and posters.

Food Connect (Inkahoots n.d.) disrupts the perception or the public opinion of what real local and organic Australian produce looks like. This corresponds with Thorpe’s (2011) criterion one “Disruption” (Thorpe, 2011, p.9). Many supermarkets have misguided society into believing that big, bright and perfectly shaped produce is the best produce, this misconception is the root of the problem for local farmers.

Thorpe’s (2011) criterion two “Framing a Problem” (Thorpe, 2011, p.10) is highlighted in Food Connect’s (Inkahoots, n.d.) project, where they have identified the problem local farmers are facing and structured it into a easily digestible concept to raise awareness. It is difficult for these farmers to connect with locals as all their funds go towards their produce rather than advertising and branding, which is the key factor in connecting consumers to suppliers.


Thorpe, A. (2011). Defining Design as Activism. retrieved 23/07/15 from

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Food Connect. (n.d.) Food Connect poster [image]. Retrieved 24/07/15 from


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