Activity 6: Reflections

A) I found the topic of Data Visualisation, which we studied in week two, really interesting. I think I enjoyed it the most because I learnt quite a bit. I’m a visual learner and this is why the topic really took my attention. I loved viewing the TED talks, because these were so moving and engaging, it was almost hard not to take in all the information. The visual side of data is remarkable and I think it is only just the tip of the iceberg of what we can do with data in the near future.

B) The topic I learnt the most was Waste=Food (Cradle-to-Cradle), which we studied in week ten. I think this is because of the film we had to watch, which, even though it went for a long time, it was very informative and very engaging. I think it really was the Waste=Food(Van Hattum, 2007) video that gave me the most information and made it easier to understand the concept.

C) The reading I found the most interesting was Defining Design as Activism (Thorpe, 2011). It wasn’t the topic that interested me the most, it was the way the reading was written;I found it was very well written. I have actually read more of Thorpe’s work, merely because she has a very good way of putting her point of view out there and engaging the reader through her experience and profession.

D) I enjoyed Assessment 2: Activity 3, where we had to compare tricks and effects of Michel Gondry and George Melies, because it was the most useful in building my academic skills. It was this activity which forced me to really dig deep and concentrate on the information placed in front of me, in order to make proper comparisons, because there wasn’t a reading that would give me the answers.


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