Task 6: Design for Nature

Cranwell Park, Braybrook

At first glance, this image conveys the idea of an untouched wilderness, until our eyes are drawn back to the concrete steps and steel railings that man has made. Marris believes that “we can find beauty in nature, even if signs of humanity are present” (Marris, 2011, p.3) and I think this statement is very true. I felt comfortable when walking along the path within this image, because I knew where I was going, there was no unknown; I knew which direction I was going in and how to get back. In relation to Marris’ (2011) statement, I think that humanity has gathered a sense of safety within environments altered by humanity. Fences gives us a sense of security and although they restrict us from being completely enveloped in nature, I don’t think we mind, because for all we know we are safer behind the fence.

Vacant block of land, Ashley St, West Footscray

After going on a long walk throughout my neighbourhood I also happened to come across many vacant blocks of land, soon to be covered in slabs of concrete and a patch of pebbles. Just imagine how many different ecosystems are living on this block, is it right for us to wipe them all out in order to suit our own lifestyle? Most of these blocks of land don’t get a second glance, they are mowed of their nature and stripped of their wild beauty to make way for humanities touch.
“Instead of focusing on the past, they are looking to the future and asking themselves what they’d like it to look like” (Marris, 2011, p.13).

Another reason for why humanity is shaping nature around us is because we are not capable as human beings to look after the wild, untouched nature we are given here on Earth. We use, we litter, we wound, we leave. I think rambunctious gardens are the best idea we’ve had yet.

Marris, E. (2011). Rambunctious Garden: saving nature in a post-wild world. New York: Bloomsbury.


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